As an avid patron of music over many years, I’ve come to recognize this nagging desire to contribute to that world on some level, so designing within music would be an absolute dream. Music is one of the most creative industries where artists are constantly taking risks, and transforming to create something interesting. That philosophy parallels my inherent drive, so this industry seems like a natural trajectory if I I'm lucky enough to make the cut.

During my initial discussions with Lawrence about my goals and aspirations as a designer, I shared with him my dream of designing for musicians. That would entail designing everything from the album artwork, to stage visuals, to merch, entire campaign if you will. And without any hesitation, Lawrence said, “then you should do it!” Thus began the start of this project and journey.  

We zeroed in on an up-and-coming artist we were both familiar with (and fans of), and Shamir was the guy. He is a very talented young artist who has created some electric new dance music with a bit of a quirky, but raw edge. I’ve dropped a few links to his music below for your listening pleasure.

Beyond just designing all of those elements, we decided to build on that idea and document the evolution of the project to provide some context around why I’m doing this. Then share what has become this website with potential clients and fellow designers which I’m hoping will result in some new job opportunities.



This may be a great success, or it may totally bomb, but I have to try, as this is all part of figuring it out and making my way. I began to map out how I wanted this project to unfold, but most importantly I had to spend some one-on-one time with his music and discover a little more about Shamir.


I Know It's A Good Thing

On The Regular

Call It Off