I scoured the internet for everything I could find about Shamir, and found him to be quite a unique guy in the best possible way. He grew up in northern Las Vegas and gravitated towards music at a young age. He noted his biggest musical influences as Nina Simone and The Slints, and grew up listening to a lot of country. He was actually in a punk band during high school, but that didn't work out because his bandmate had terrible stage fright. He has an androgynous look, which is very striking, and has always maintained a bold and distinct sense of style. Despite his outward appearance, he claims to be a very introverted person. In fact, I read that he prefers to spend his time knitting and listening to records (amen to that). He also wanted to be a farmer at some point if the whole music thing didn’t work out. Needless to say, it did. 

I found after reading a few articles and interviews that he is kind of a mysterious and enigmatic person. He doesn’t associate with labels, and his influences and interests are on opposite ends of the spectrum, which no doubt contributes to his creativity. I saw him perform in Los Angeles at The Echo a while back, and it was an energetic and dance fueled show. His music is dance/pop music for lack of a better succinct description, so I was expecting some wild dance moves from Shamir himself, but his performance was a little more subtle. He had a youthful shyness that was charming, but he was sassy at times, which made him all the more intriguing. I love that about him, he is kind of a walking contradiction.